First Dendrobatid society in Finland
Finnish Dendrobatidae Society was established in early 2014. We are a group of Finnish poison frog enthusiasts. In addition to Dendrobatids, our members are also interested in other amphibians.

Our goals are to:
1) Support the hobby of Dendrobatids and other amphibians in Finland.
2) Act as a link between hobbyist, communities and authorities.
3) To promote the well-being of amphibians in terrariums.
4) To support research of endangered amphibians and their habitats.

The society organizes member meetings and excursions, publishes online publication (in Finnish with English abstracts) and maintain a Dendrobatid registery in Finland.

If you want to learn more about the Finnish Dendrobatidae Society, or to join us, please contact info@dendrobatidae.fi. Membership fees are 20 € (regular members) and 50 € or more (supporting members).

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